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Terms and Conditions

Since this web site provides a monthly pay as you go service and can be canceled at any time with no contractual obligations whatsoever, it is important to distinguish between software "code" and "content".

Quote 4 Web developed and owns all its proprietary computer code or licenses certain portions of the computer code it uses from other companies.

Quote 4 Web grants to its customers a license for its own computer code and pass-through licenses for computer code owned by others so that the combined computer code can be used for the customer's specific application or web site software.

Quote 4 Web reserves the right of using its own code or the code it licenses from other companies, without limitations, for other software applications or web sites that are commissioned by other customers.

Software code is only one part of software application or web site. The rest is content. The content is always specific to the customer's application. It is up to the discretion of Quote 4 Web to determine if the content is appropriate and must also not be prohibited by applicable law.

The specific content provided by the customer, including images or text, of the customer's application or web site is and will always be the property of the customer.

The code, database, server, email service, SSL security keys, product search tools, admin tools, credit card transaction interface, content created by Quote 4 Web, images created by Quote 4 Web, and any hardware provided to the customer are owned by Quote 4 Web.

The domain of a customer can reside on our server or elsewhere, but, at a minimum, must point to our server in its nameservers or as a forward. If the domain is registered by the customer, it is owned by the customer, but, if the domain is registered by Quote 4 Web for the customer, it is owned by Quote 4 Web and can be transferred to the customer for a transfer fee.

If desired, the code can also be purchased for the cost of development and transferred to another server.

- The Quote 4 Web Team
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Terms and Conditions

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